Sauna Instructions

The light switch for inside the sauna is outside of the back patio door. Please make sure to turn the light off after you’re done!

The dial on the left controls the heat level; think of it as a thermostat.

The dial on the right turns the heater on. The maximum time you can set is one hour. You will hear a “clunk” noise when it turns on. If you turn the dial past 1, this sets a delayed start. If you don’t feel the heat, you’re likely on the time delay and need to turn the dial back to the first 1.

Water can be poured on the rocks, but add water slowly; it gets very hot!

About our Sauna

Our sauna was purchased through Sauna Central. It is a classic “barrel” style sauna, that runs off an electrical heating source.

If you are interested in adding a sauna to your home, we can’t recommend Eddie from Sauna Central enough!